'Good mood' - song ...made with body music

(cover recorded by Clara)

What is Alexander Technique?


The Alexander Technique helps us to rediscover how to move through our activities effortlessly and with a well functioning coordination. It teaches us to be more present and therefore improve our performance, whether in daily or in professional activities. The technique was developed by Frederick Matthias Alexander (*1869 in Tasmania) in the 1890s in consequence of his own voice problems as an actor and reciter and is being taught in individual lessons all over the world since its beginnings as an established teaching method more then 100 years ago.



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We are...


Clara Wieblitz

Musician and teacher of the Alexander Technique since 2008,

certified through STAT (1600 training hours)





Marion Steinmann

Teaching the Alexander Technique in Hamburg since 2007,

certified through ATVD (1600 training hours).